Mimi – Style : sun + strawberries

This is the only Mimi-Style post we made all summer so I just had to post it even though it’s now late fall. The point of these Mimi-Style posts is that they are meant to inspire moms when it comes to dressing their kid stylishly on a tight budget. Mia is 3 1/2 now and I can’t tell you how many boxes of clothes and pairs of shoes we’ve already gone through since she’s been born. They grow so fast and sometimes only get to wear certain things once or twice before they outgrow them, because of this I can’t justify spending more than five dollars on any one item (with the exception of shoes and coats because they get worn daily.) In this particular outfit her shoes were a splurge at $10, but they were her one and only pair of sandals all summer so we got our monies worth out of them.
(Tip: when thrifting sundresses, if the straps are too long for your child, simply cut the center of each strap and re-tie the ends together into a little knot like i did to Mia’s dress above.)
Outfit Details
dress, thrifted from the goodwill for $1.50
sun hat – from H+M clearance rack $1.99
sandals – by Seven  got them at Marshall’s for $9.99
Total outfit cost = $13.50

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