Mimi – Style : self styled

This is what it looks like when I let Mia dress herself. Patterns get mixed, various seasons of clothes intertwine and accessories are used in interesting ways. She rocked this look confidently for a whole day, errands might even have gotten ran with this look. What’s important here though, is that SHE loved it and felt confident and it fuels her “passion for fashion“, her words, not mine. Yeah i’m serious..she talks like that at 4 years old. Maybe we should stop watching project runway together?

Outfit Details:

Flowered top thrifted from Savers for $2.50 (similar style here for $9.90)
Heart leggings thrifted from Savers for $1.99 (similar style here for $4.99)
Hat from the clearance bin at H+M for $2.99 (similar style here for $15.90)
Moccasins, by Minnetonka c/o CSN stores (same pair here for $30)

Total outfit cost: $7.50

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