DIY INSPIRATION: fringed and tasseled hoop earrings
inspiration earrings found here, here, here and here.
I’ve been noticing a trend of embroidery thread and tassels being incorporated into a lot of earrings that are for sale lately. (As seen in the examples above.) So I thought i’d take that inspiration and turn it into a DIY version that you can do at home very inexpensively. So, get ready to break out that old embroidery floss and let’s get started!
Design Thrift blog: DIY Threaded tassel hoop earrings tutorial

Design Thrift Blog: supplies needed for threaded tassel hoop earrings diy tutorialFor this project you will need:

  • 24 gauge wire in silver or gold
  • a pair of old hoop earrings in silver or gold (any size you prefer)
  • Embroidery floss in at least 3 colors
  • a tape measure or ruler
  • a safety pin or sewing needle
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • chain nose pliers
Begin by cutting your embroidery thread into 4″ pieces. You will need to cut 16 of these 4″ strips for each of your 3 thread colors. When finished you should have 3 piles of 4″ strips looking like the ones above.
Next, take 5 pieces of your thread strips and lay them together in a straight line. You can use whichever colors you prefer, that’s up to you. Next fold that line of thread in half and hold onto the bottom so that the top forms a loop as seen in the above picture.
Pick up one of the hoop earrings and lay that loop of thread under the bottom of the hoop like the image on the left. Now hold onto the bottom of the threads and bring them up and over the hoop and through that loop of thread at the top and pull down. It should form a knot. If you flip the hoop over the knot should look like the ones in the picture on the above right. Now repeat the above steps until you have 10 fringe tassels on your hoop.
When you are finished making all 10 of the thread tassels the hoop should look like the one above. Take your scissors and trim the tassels to your desired length.
Next, take your wire and cut off  1.5″ with your wire cutters. Grab hold of the first tassel and slide it away from the other tassels to give you room to work and begin carefully wrapping the wire around the base of the knot on the tassel. It helps if you hold the end of the tassel taught while you wrap the wire tightly around. Use your chain nose pliers to help you finish the wire and hold it in place and trim the excess with the wire cutters.
When you are done wire wrapping all of the tassels, it should look like the picture in the above left. Now take your safety pin or a needle and gently comb apart the embroidery thread to give the tassels a fluffier appearance.
When you are done combing out all the tassels your earring is complete. Now repeat all of these steps to make the other earring and voila! You are done.
Design Thrift Blog: DIY tasseled hoop earrings
I chose to use sterling silver hoops because it was all I had on hand. Since I was using silver hoops I decided to go with a cooler color palette to compliment the silver. Then instead of using silver wire i decided to go with gold for a contrasting metal look. Feel free to try this project with any size hoops and any combination of metals and thread colors.
Design Thrift Blog: DIY threaded tassel hoop earrings
These earrings have the whole boho vibe going on so I will probably pair them with flowy dresses and skirts this summer. Have fun making them and let me know in the comments how they came out or if you have any questions.
Footnote: Please feel free to pin this project to pinterest but please make sure that it link’s back to this page. You may re-post one image from this tutorial on your own blog with a link back to DesignThrift for the rest of the instructions. Please do not re-post my content in full.Also, don’t forget to follow my blog with bloglovin because google is doing away with google friend connect very soon!


  • These came out beautifully! I love the use of the gold wire. I'm new to your blog thanks to your thoughtful comment on my blog– I really appreciated your input. You should email stylish eve about ripping off your post. Be active and pester them until they take it down!

  • Jonelle says:

    you're right, i really should. I just checked out how many followers they have and it's insane, well over a million on facebook alone so it's hard to understand why they would need to steal content from a tiny blog like mine. thanks for the input, i'm gonna go email them now. 🙂

  • What fun! Love these earrings 🙂
    xo TJ

  • That's cool! You have good hands!


  • These earrings are so beautiful! It's beautiful blog that you are doing.
    I will definitely stay as a follower.

    I recently started DIY blog, if you are interested, waiting you there also. See you!

  • Love these. I tend not to post many DIY earrings on my blog unless they are really special. Posted one finished photo of your DIY earrings and linked back to your blog on my Tumblr blog.

    • Jonelle says:

      thanks so much for promoting my posts on tumblr! i saw how many times they got reblogged and liked and for a tiny blog like mine, that is a huge deal. Thank you!

  • Donatella M. says:

    I love these earrings! found your blog via TrueBlueMeAndYou on tumblr. following you on bloglovin!!

  • Absolutelly in love with your DIY, I've shared it on fb!
    Big big kisses from Barcelona 😉

    Free buffet of DIY's

  • Great DIY!
    the result is Amazing!


  • Aki says:

    Super love. Must make some now! 😀


  • jen says:

    Hello, I would like to ask you to edit your inspirations and choices for DIY projects. You basically showed many other people how to design a pair of earrings that I spent months working on. This is the way I support myself, I work hard to design and make original work. My work is for people to enjoy, support and hopefully not rip off.

    • Jen, I apologize if you feel that this tutorial might have taken any of your business away, it was not my intention. I felt the differences between your gorgeous earrings and my tutorial were enough that it would not be a problem. I feel that the person who would DIY the tassel earring trend is not the same person who would spend a lot of money on your handmade version. The person looking to do the DIY is a girl on a budget who wouldn’t or couldn’t spend the kind of money that your earrings cost. Whereas the person who does buy your earrings understands the nature of the differences between the two. Yours are hand dyed and the hoops hand made, where the DIY is just embroidery thread and any old hoops a person has lying around, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. I think your earring design is gorgeous and totally inspiring and that’s why I based a DIY project off of them. Again i’m sorry if it affected your business in any way.

  • What a selection! I bought a bag of hooks after your tassel earring tutorial then promptly forgot about them. Must get back into it.

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