This weekend has been cold, rainy and damp around here and I’ve been spending all of my time indoors. Usually spending more time indoors results in me drinking tea (mostly just to keep my hands warm) and catching up on my favorite blogs. And that usually leads me into some on-line window shopping and creating lists in my head and pinning lovely things I want to buy.

Anyway here are some things I’ve enjoyed reading, using, or looking at recently:

I don’t wear glasses but I’ve got the sneaking suspicion that i might need them, I haven’t had my eyes checked by an actual optometrist in about 17 years, yeah i know it’s probably time to do that. I’ve already decided that if i have to get them i’m going to get one of the cateye frames from Bonlook.

On my DIY radar: I think I definitely have to make this in a mini-size for Mia.

I’ve been eyeing this and this for the last couple of months. They’re both equally gorgeous wardrobe workhorses.

This sounds and looks delicious. It’s going on my list of recipes to try.

This $265 necklace looks like a really simple DIY. Just take curb chain and high strength metal bonding glue and you’re done for maybe $15 – $20.

I love Geneva’s wardrobe rehab series. I’ve been stuck at step 1 for the longest time now. I keep piling up things i’m trying to cull but then i accumulate more before I’ve gotten to step 2. I’m going to try spending October to work through the 6 steps and perfect my closet organization and wardrobe all at once.

I’ve been pinning some Halloween ideas lately and this is definitely the best Halloween decoration I’ve ever seen. I think we are going to re-create that one this year.

And finally a great fall alcoholic beverage served warm.


  • Anonymous says:

    I'm also from Rochester, saw your blog on chictopia, this winter has been brutal. In your about you said you like to do things on a budget (who doesn't). My husband and I go out to eat every Friday and Saturday, because I'm a vegetarian and he is a carnivore with an aversion to vegetables. Could you give some restaurant recommendations? We'd like to try someplace new. Thanks 🙂

  • hi,
    Since we live on a pretty tight budget we don't go out to eat that often. When we do go, we don't go anywhere too fancy. it's usually either Selena's in the village gate, basil's restaurant, the winfield grill, marshalls street bar and grill, sticky lips, or Bill grey's near the Irondequoit bay if it's a nice summer night. i am not a vegetarian (although i used to be) so i'm not sure which of those places has the best options for vegetarian food. some other fave's that aren't necessarily for dinner, java's, boulder coffee, and chester cab's pizza.

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