Hello, my name is Jonelle and I am a 33 year old creative, dreamer type. After spending 8 years in NYC studying at F.I.T. and then working in the wholesale and creative marketing side of the fashion jewelry industry, I packed up and headed upstate to my hometown of Rochester, New York. The Mister and I arrived in Rochester 4 months pregnant and ready to raise our little one in a more child friendly environment. I started the blog shortly after Mia was born and I’ve been at it ever since. (she’s 7 now) I dabble in lots of creative areas. I am a Jewelry Designer, a writer, a product photographer, and a mama. I adore fashion and love expressing my personality through my outfits and home decor. Currently I am wholeheartedly embracing the less is more approach to my home decor but ironically I am more bohemian with my personal style. I also have a soft spot for anything 1970’s (especially with native/ethnic influences) industrial or mid century modern. When I am not blogging, you can find me spending time with my little family, taking long walks or bike rides, going thrifting or sketching ideas on my front porch.


When I first started this blog in 2008, I had set out to be like the DesignSponge for people on a tight budget, hence the name “DesignThrift”. I had intended to be all about “interior design on a budget” but quickly I began to realize that i’d much rather blog about everything. When I say everything, I mean I wanted to blog about how being thrifty can fit into all aspects of your life. So, my motto became “How to achieve great style on a budget.” For the most part I have stuck with that philosophy ever since, always keeping it in mind whenever I write an article. I found ways to include it into fashion, interior design, DIY projects and Shopping posts.
As the years have gone by and things in my life have shifted I have gradually added a little bit here and there about my life, my child and my personal style and I try to retain a healthy balance between a fashion, DIY  and lifestyle blog. All with a focus on “being thrifty” or “How to achieve great style on a budget”.
I definitely don’t update as often as i’d like to, but that’s because I am usually too busy living my life, being a mama and working on my jewelry line. When I do make posts, I try to make them count and I do put a lot of time and effort into them. So when the blog seems dead now and then, please have faith and know that i’m probably working on my next post at that very moment….So, don’t give up on me and instead add me on twitterfacebook or bloglovin so you’ll be updated whenever I make a new post. ooh and i’m also on instagram, my new favorite so definitely follow me there! 🙂
Thank you for being a DesignThrift reader!
– Jonelle