About Design Thrift:

Design Thrift is a fashion and lifestyle blog full of  DIY projects, inspiration and trend alerts written by a New York, jewelry designing, mama, with a love for everything vintage and thrifty. This blog has a deep love for bohemian style, that rocker downtown edge, black and white, graphic and geometric prints and patterns, minimalism and living the simple handmade life.


For the time being, I have set very affordable rates that I hope will be accessible to a broad range of businesses, both small and large. Etsy and Ebay sellers or independent clothing designers, bloggers and retailers are all welcome! As the blog continues to grow, the rates will increase so now is the perfect time to test it out and see how it works for you.

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Get in touch, pitch me your idea or proposal and we’ll discuss: Designthrift@yahoo.com

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If you’d like to send me an item for review or inclusion on the blog please get in touch. I reserve the right to accept only those items that I feel fit in with the style and aesthetic of Design Thrift and would be proud to endorse.

E-mail me at designthrift@yahoo.com with “Product Review” in the heading.